Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters Accredited Courses and Modules: Build knowledge and skills to work for the Department of Education at schools across the country with our Individual Education Plan (IEP) training program.

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We provide first-class education to wherever you are whenever you need it, day or night. The only thing needed is access to internet connection, and the ambition to become the highly skilled interpreter you always wanted to be!






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Interpreter training is essential to those who are preparing for certification exams. But what happens once an interpreter become certified? In order to maintain their certification, interpreters are required by most states and certifying organizations to participate in continuing education (CE). Continuing education usually involves attending conferences and taking classes



Do you want to become a medical interpreter? Are your looking to expand your interpreting career? Interpreter Training offers advanced training to prepare you for a successful career in linquistics. W...



A cost effective and efficient way to provide training for your team of interpreters. Interpreter Training provides you with an excellent training platform to guarantee your interpretersare well educa...



Interpreter Training can help you prepare your staff for all interpreter settings as well as certification tests. This training platform isa great way to ensure your interpretersare qualified, profess...



Educational interpreters are called upon for many aspects related to the education process. They facilitate communication and support participation in Individualized Education Plans, and 504 Plan meet...

Community Interpreting

Community Interpreting

Case management encompasses many areas within health care, education, and human and social services. Interpreters, also called community interpreters, are often called upon by case managers to bridge ...

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Online Training and Testing

Our company is committed to providing students access to training that will prepare them for a career in Interpretation and Translation services.  Our students can begin a career with us and continue to develop specialized knowledge that will meet and exceed hospital and government requirements for ongoing continued education.  Every hour of training you complete will increase your value to your clients and earn you more money.  We strive to advocate for best practices in interpreting, ongoing professional development, and for the highest standards of performance in the delivery of language services.

We have clients in healthcare, law, community, finance, social services and many others. We understand that the demographics for providing access to professional language services has changed. The relationship with a single agency to support all language needs is shifting to direct communication with trained, qualified providers in a manager's environment.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why should I use an online program as opposed to on-site?

Online courses offer an incredible amount of flexibility.  You do not have to sacrifice family time or your full-time job to receive your certification. Interpreters and people working full time jobs know just how hard it can be to find time to commute to a location to receive classroom training.

The Advantages of Online Courses

Flexible scheduling,  Lower costs, Faster completion,  Access to more courses, Study anytime, No commute,  Login from anywhere at any time, More comfortable learning environment.

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