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Why Our Services

Training is imperative to providing accurate and complete interpreting services.  Standards for training in the interpreting profession are rising from 40 hours to 60 hours of training.  This is driven by growing demand for foreign language specialist to provide language services in health care, law, government, business and many other fields. provides language professionals a clear path of training and development.  Having successfully completed training courses, Interpreters will have the ability to expand their knowledge and skills and increase their earning potential with ongoing courses in specialized fields.

Regulatory agencies have been established to govern the requirements language access providers deliver. will continue to direct Interpreters to the necessary training as laws and requirements are changed and implemented.

Who Should Register for an Interpreter Training Course:

Bilingual individuals interested in becoming medical interpreters


Bilingual health care staff and volunteers who wish to improve their knowledge and skills on ethics, medical terminology, and navigating the health care system

Who Should Register for  HIPAA Training Course:

HIPAA first went into effect in April, 2003. HIPAA specifically requires training of new hires who will have access to protected health information within a reasonable period of time after the hire date, and requires retraining when there are material changes to the privacy policy. If you currently work in or are planning on applying for a position that falls into this category, now is the time to get the training.  Employers are looking for staff that are trained in keeping patient's private health information safe.  Interpreters that take this online training program will meet the requirements and gain knowledge of what is involved in becoming HIPAA compliant.

Who Should Register for Legal Interpreter Training Course: 

Legal interpreting is a highly skilled profession that requires training, education, experience, and knowledge of legal terminology in both languages.  Successful candidates for this online training will have a strong command of two or more languages and will have the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.  They will be a professional who manages stress well, and is confident and comfortable speaking in front of others.

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